Freightliner Cascadia

Why The Freightliner Cascadia is Such a Good Truck

Freightliner’s Cascadia is touted as a new era in trucking by Freightliner, but let’s see what they mean and if this is true and makes it a good truck in Australia in 2021 and 2022 onwards.

Daimler Build Quality

The Cascadia is built to Daimler’s precise manufacturing and engineering standards and represents the pinnacle of all their years of research, design and manufacturing. Freightliner are claiming new benchmarks of safety, comfort and ease of operation so let’s find out if this holds up. There’s no doubt the roads in Australia’s harsh climate can be demanding at times, but the Cascadia may have some features to relieve the strain somewhat. This starts with Comfort.

Cascadia Comfort Features

For decreased bump steer and improved steering precision, the steering gear has been set further forward. This helps with reducing course corrections and steering inputs, as well as improving handling and overall ride comfort and stability.

Many creature comforts are built-in as standard like LED ambient lighting, multiple DC power outlets and even extensive storage (including a wardrobe with generous hanging space, cabinets to accommodate household appliances and a TV bracket for up to 24” screens). As an option, HVAC is available for complete cab climate control. There’s ample bunk storage with a telescopic ladder for easy access to the double bunk on the 60” Raised Roof Models

Cascadia Safety Features

Safety is paramount to most truck manufacturers but features and their effectiveness can vary wildly. The new Cascadia boasts a whole suite of new and improved features to make it one of the safest trucks on the road. These new safety features include:


Freightliner really have ensured that cutting edge safety features are built-in throughout, from visibility to braking.

Australian Tested

Daimler has an unprecedented level of investment that they have and will continue local engineering and testing to ensure the new Freightliner Cascadia is the best truck they have ever built for Australia. Daimler Trucks North America, has built numerous prototypes to test new components and systems in Australia, while also simulating millions of road kilometres with cold chamber and hot room sessions to ensure effective operation in extreme temperature conditions. Not many truck manufacturers can claim this level of commitment to Australia and its drivers.

Alliance Parts and Servicing Network

As the powertrain in the Cascadia is a Detroit (famed for its integrated engine, transmission and axle design to improve fuel efficiency) you also get a host of support features with Detroit Connect:

  • DetroitTM Connect Virtual Technician
  • DetroitTM Connect Remote Updates
  • DetroitTM Connect Analytics
  • DetroitTM Connect portal
Add those to the Alliance Truck Parts partners network and you have a powerful support network minimising any downtime. Genuine main authorised dealers like ourselves also offer Daimler Truck Financial Services with Guaranteed Buy Back so it’s easy to why the Cascadia really is a great truck for Australians.