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Tips to Help Your Truck Run Well At Any Age – A Handy Guide

If your truck is what is considered to be old (let’s say 20 years, but this obviously depends on mileage and servicing) then maintenance is going to be priority in keeping you on the road. In some cases, replacing your truck might be the best and most efficient option (in the long run) however, there are some easy and effective ways to keep your truck running at optimum levels at any age.

Rotate the Tyres

Rotating your tyres when you change your oil for example will allow them to wear much more evenly, ensuring they last longer and leading to a smoother experience on the road. Your truck’s owner’s manual will dictate how often to rotate your tyres as a guide.

Balance the Tyres

When you’re having your tyres rotated, arrange a balance at the same time. When tyres are unbalanced they’re more likely to vibrate and put increased pressure on your suspension.

Keep Your Wheels Aligned

Wheel alignments can become unbalanced when you hit potholes or bumps at high speed and again, especially when travelling off-road. It’s very noticeable as your truck will start pulling to one side or the other or otherwise not freewheel so easily. Not only is this a hazard, but this will also reduce your fuel economy.

Maintain Fluid Levels

Always keep an eye on your engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid levels to make sure they’re adequate. When checking the oil, make sure it’s cool before taking a reading. If it’s dirty and contains a strong odour, then it’s definitely time to change it. Coolant is essential to your truck, as it prevents the engine from overheating. Open the cap and adjust the levels as necessary. Lack of coolant or oil will cause damage and reduce your truck’s lifespan rather than increase it.

Watch for Electric Issues

Your truck’s lights should always be working fully for safety reasons alone, but if you are regularly blowing bulbs or having slight electrical issues, then this can be a sign of a much bigger issue that should be taken care of. Leaving your lights broken can cause uneven power distribution in other systems on older trucks, so don’t ignore your truck’s lights or electrics. Keeping spare fuses on board is also a good idea and will allow you to make simple repairs rather than get stranded or drive unsafely.

Book Regular Inspection or Preventative Maintenance

Not all tasks that will keep your truck running well will you be able to do yourself and all major truck centres, dealers and manufacturers will advise that regular maintenance is the best way for a longer lifespan. Our service team are factory trained and understand the importance of keeping your vehicle on the road and running reliably.