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How to Stay on the Road Longer with Regular Authorised Truck Maintenance

It’s obvious that in the long haulage and trucking industry you just can’t drive your truck without servicing, but a regular service from an authorised dealer that has specific knowledge of your truck is far superior to a “normal” service from a garage that doesn’t. The differences can be huge long term and will affect its reliability and protect its value.

The biggest problem most drivers have is fitting in with their schedule as any time off the road is money lost and you’re spending at the same time. Whilst that can’t be completely avoided, doing a “quick” simple service with any old garage is almost certainly not the best answer.

The other problem drivers have is the difference in cost between an authorised service and an unauthorised one. It’s a bit like insurance, you’ll only wish you had it when it’s too late. Sure, you could save money, but there is a strong chance in the lifespan of your truck that it will hit you hard and cost a lot more due to poor servicing.


Safety is of course paramount and modern trucks have more than ever. the more safety features then the more things there are to check at the necessary service time. Knowledge is key when it comes to servicing along with experience, so knowing your truck’s major safety features are working could save your life so it’s of absolute paramount importance.

Running Costs

A good main dealer will also keep your truck running optimally and maintain its fuel efficiency which is a major part of your business running costs. Doing the minimum is a short-term saving when slowly over time your running costs are increasing, especially in today’s world where fuel costs are soaring.

Less Downtime

Regular authorised servicing from a main dealer will absolutely reduce the chance of major repairs which usually take longer and obviously cost more. Whilst it doesn’t completely prevent this, you are only giving yourself the best chance. Experienced mechanics can see signs and will have knowledge from manufacturers of what to look out for so preventative maintenance is worth its weight in gold.

Timing of Servicing

Knowing when your truck needs a service should be coming from the manufacturer and an authorised dealer, not from when you think it’s about time or have a spare day in your schedule. If your truck is starting to tell you that it needs a service, then this is a sign that you have already waited too long.

Keep servicing regular and based on the mileage and condition from specific information on your model of truck from the manufacturer and your dealer is key to keeping your truck on the road and its dollar value maintained.