10 Important Checks To Ensure Your Truck Runs Safely

In the vast expanse of Australia’s transportation network, truck drivers play a pivotal role in delivering goods across the country. However, ensuring their safety and that of others on the road requires meticulous attention to the condition of their vehicles. Here’s a detailed rundown of the top 10 checks every driver or fleet operator should conduct regularly for safe journeys on Australian roads.

1.Brake System

The efficiency of a truck’s brake system is paramount for road safety. Regularly inspect brake linings and ensure the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) functions correctly. Consider genuine parts from trusted to ensure reliability and consistent performance.

2.Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems maintain stability and control. Regularly check for worn or broken parts and if you discover anything amiss then ensure you book your vehicle in for a repair.

3.Tyre Conditions

Proper tyre maintenance is essential for optimal vehicle performance and fuel economy. Regularly check tyre pressure and condition to ensure safety and reduce fuel expenses.

4.Lights and Reflectors

Clean, functional lights and reflectors are crucial for visibility on the road. It’s always best to regularly inspect headlights, tail lights, brake lights and reflectors before every journey.

5.Windscreen and Mirrors

Clear visibility is vital for safe driving. Clean windscreen and mirrors, and adjust them properly before each journey for maximum visibility.

6.Fluid Levels

Maintain proper levels of oil, coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid for a healthy engine and smoother rides. Use quality lubricants for improved longevity and performance.


7.Belts and Hoses

Inspect belts and hoses for wear and tear regularly, and replace them with durable genuine parts to ensure optimal truck functions.

8.Coupling Devices

Thoroughly inspect coupling devices for defects or damages to ensure a secure connection between the truck and trailer.

9.Exhaust System

Ensure the exhaust system is free from leaks or damages to prevent dangerous conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning.

10.Battery and Electrical System

Check battery terminals for corrosion and ensure all electrical components function accurately. A healthy battery and electrical system are crucial for long distance journeys.

Book Regular Maintenance Checks

Adhering to manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and seeking professional assistance for repairs are essential practices for safer roads and fewer accidents. By prioritising truck safety checks and using genuine components, you can be sure your truck is read for the road. Stay proactive, stay safe!